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Watts Street Furniture Bollards Streetwise GroupWatts Urethane Street Furniture division does not cover the whole range of the possible products that could be included in Street Furniture, because not all those products could be sensibly made from polyurethane for reasons of cost and safety. If your product is not listed below please email Andrew Forrester and the team so they can help you.

However where polyurethane does offer a whole of life cost advantage including installation and maintenance; meets and exceeds the required safety standards or offers a significant other advantage; then Watts will make it. Our ever-expanding product range includes:

  • Heritage range of traditional bollards,
  • Streetwise range of bollards, cast in our unique Terrathane® polyurethane.
  • Impact-flex range of unique flexible bollards .
  • Cycle hoops
  • Post and Rail systems

Watts Heritage bollardsHistorically Watts Street Furniture products have mainly been bollards with some post and rail products where the use of polyurethane significantly reduces the costs of installing and maintaining the bollard. This is particularly true for those cast in our unique Terrathane® polyurethane which is virtually indestructible and requires no maintenance. The lighter bollards are more easily handled reducing the need for two-person installation. Given their coating, the bollards and post and rail do not require repainting.

Compared to traditional metal bollards polyurethane has higher abrasion and impact resistance. It is more easily mouldable into specific designs optimised for the need of the bollard. The material is more flexible can be designed to almost no resistance if required or fitted with a steel core where anti-ram is needed. Urethane creates less noise when struck and has higher corrosion resistance. It is coated to provide a higher more durable surface reducing maintenance costs. Significantly bollards and post and rail are cheaper to make. Unlike metal, polyurethane can be produced in different colours which are from the core to the surface rather than being a coated layer that could be scratched.

Watts Street Furniture BikewiseWatts have expanded its range into cycle hoops with an innovative core which increases the security of the hoop while enabling the polyurethane to prevent damage to the attached bicycle. The latter minimises the perceived need of cyclists to wrap various materials around the rack to protect their bikes which in turn maintains the intended visual impact.

Please visit our dedicated website for more detailed information on our ranges as well as videos on our impact-flex products. Alternatively call Andy Forrester and the Street Furniture team on 01594 847 150 or email

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