Star Wheels

New Star Wheel

Star Wheels can also be called harvesting wheels, separator wheels, de-stoning wheels depending on whether they are used in agriculture, forestry, recycling or mining and aggregate sorting.

Typically they are used in the screening process, and can be used to sort pieces by size or to remove waste such as when grading soil. In the harvesting process, they are used to separate the produce (e.g. potatoes or other root vegetables) from dirt and stones, whilst limiting any damage to the produce.

As the name suggests star wheels are similar in appearance to a star, and have a central body, with multiple ‘fingers’ extending out. The arrangement of those fingers is optimised for each process in order to achieve the desired results economically and in the correct hardness of material to balance wear of the wheel with the potential for damage to the produce. Typically star wheels are therefore made to unique designs rather than being a standard product.

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