Scraper Blades

Watts Industrial PU Scraper BladesThe polyurethane scraper blades manufactured by Watts Urethane Products can be used in a number of different processes:

  • Scraper blades for agricultural use such as slurry scrapers or for use on tractors.
  • Snow plough blades. These can be used as replacement for existing blades, or from new. They are traditionally used to protect the metal base, whilst also protecting the surface from damages and scratching.
  • Used on BOMAG compaction machinery.
  • They can also be used in the water treatment process.
  • On conveyor belts in mining, quarrying and recycling to remove material which has adhered to the belt.

Through using polyurethane blades, you can extend the life cycle of the product over using a rubber alternative. The make-up of polyurethane enables more durability and also provides a greater resistance to chemical damage in environments where this is important. Compared to plastic PU blades can work at lower temperature ranges without getting brittle, they are more impact resistant and can use thicker section moulding for a more robust product. The significant advantage over metal is the ability to mould to the shape required plus the ability to absorb impacts flexibly as well as lower noise produced in service.

As we are able to manufacture to your specifications, we are able to produce parts that not only work with new designs, but can also be used to replace existing parts.  Our standard ranges are available in any size up to 2.8m x 500mm and upto 50mm thick. They are available in shore hardness of 45 Shore A to 60 Shore D and a range of polyurethane systems optimised for specific environments. For more information please call Gary, Alex and the sales team on 01594 847150 or email

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