Urethane Rods

Watts Industrial PU RodUrethane rods are widely used to make strippers in the tool and die and metal stamping industries where they work with the specialist piercing punches and die tools.

Rods can also be cut for washers, seals and insulators, wheels and rollers of all sizes in shore hardness from 45 shore A to 60 shore D.  We can also manufacture out of Vulkollan which is made under licence from Bayer.

For our standard range of products please refer to our downloadable pdf . Other sizes can be made to your drawing specification.

Polyurethane Tubes and Springs

Watts Industrial PU Rods, Tubes and SpringsA key use of polyurethane tubes is as tubular springs in environments where corrosion, vibrations and magnetism prevent the use of conventional steel. Here it is able to cope with either static or cyclical loading, particularly high loads in continuous processes such as press tooling which is one of polyurethane’s advantages over either rubber or plastic.

Uses include punching, stamping and drawing dies where the resilience of the urethane has distinct advantages over alternative materials as a spring with PU’s elastic memory. Other tube uses include roller covers, spacers, gaskets, pinch strippers and as machined prototypes.

Our tubular springs are either individually cast or isostatically moulded.

Our downloadable pdf shows the availability of a wide range of sizes for rod, tube and springs. If the size you require is not there, please note that all standard size tubes and springs can be cut to customer specific lengths. Alternatively provide Watts Urethane with a suitable drawing with all key dimensions to enable manufacture or advice.

To discuss your rod, tube and springs requirements please call Alex or Gary and the Industrial Parts team on 01594 847150 or email sales@wattspu.co.uk

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