Polyurethane Sheets

Watts Industrial PU SheetsWatts Urethane Products offers three different manufacturing processes for polyurethane sheets depending on your particular requirements. These are:

  • Centrifuge cast sheet is available in a shore hardness range of 45 Shore ‘A’ to 95 Shore ‘A’. The range of sheet thickness available is 1.0mm to 13.0mm, with standard dimensions being 3715mm x 686mm. These are available in a range of colours. Sheets can be cut to size to suit, however additional charges may be incurred.
  • Press break film, which is traditionally used in the bending of metals, is available in a shore hardness range of 45 Shore ‘A’ to 95 Shore ‘A’. The sheet thickness range is 0.5mm to 1.5mm, and the standard sheet dimensions are 3600mm x 150mm (nominally). A range of colour options are available.
  • Hot table cast sheet is available in a hardness range of 45 Shore ‘A’ to 60 Shore ‘D’. The dimensions available are up to 2700mm x 1200mm x 12mm thick. A range of colours are available, and there is also the option of Vulkollan® material made under licence from Bayer AG.

Polyurethane sheets can also be used for the manufacture of small run lines, where the items can be cut (or punched) from the sheet. Watts Urethane can do this if required, or the customer could do this for themselves.

Call the Gary and the Industrial Parts sales team on 01594 743150 to discuss your requirements and the sizes you need.

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