Isostatic Moulding Bags

Watts Industrial Isostatic bagOriginally used in the ceramics industry, isostatic moulding bags (Iso-Bags) are now also used in manufacturing processes where precious metals are used. Iso-Bags are used to create shapes to minimise the need for post-op machining and ensuring only the essential amount of material is used. The bags are filled with the raw material (in a powder like form), the bag is then placed in to a pressure vessel, where the powder is compressed until it forms a solid part. Sometimes these parts are sintered to improve properties.

Iso bags manufactured by Watts Urethane can be for industry standard parts or they can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements. Iso-Bags are available in a shore hardness range of 45 Shore ‘A’ to 95 Shore ‘A’, colouring is available. Typically Iso-Bags are manufactured in a translucent colour and to a 65 Shore ‘A’ hardness. The Watts range includes:

  • Watts Industrial Isostatic square bagOpen-ended and closed round tube iso-bags
  • Open-ended and closed square or rectangular iso-bags
  • Bottle isobags
  • Sphere isobags

Used with isostatic moulding bags, the isostatic moulding plugs (Iso-Plugs) are used to plug the bag, to prevent any of the materials leaving the bag, and to ensure that the forming process is completed efficiently. We provide:

  • Watts Industrial Isostatic PlugPlain round iso-plugs
  • Square/rectangular iso-plugs
  • Bottle iso-plugs
  • Sphere iso-plugs

Watts Industrial Simac bagsWatts Urethane manufactures isostatic moulding bags to specifically fit the SIMAC isostatic presses. SIMAC Isostatic moulding bags are available in a shore hardness range of 45 Shore ‘A’ to 95 Shore ‘A’. As these are to fit standard external dimensions, Watts Urethane manufacture to meet these dimensions and to meet the customer-specified internal dimensions.

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