Feed Wheels & Rollers

Watts Industrial Feed WheelFeed wheels and rollers are used in the transmission of materials through a process machine, without causing any damage to the product and polyurethane offers better longevity and lower maintenance levels than the alternatives.

Heavily used in the paper & board and packaging industries, feed wheels and rollers are used in the production stages where high volumes need to be carefully handled to prevent rejects.

At Watts Urethane Products, we are able to produce feed wheels and rollers to customer specific designs. We also manufacture to industry standards. Some of the industry standard parts we make include manufacturers of print machines such as Isowa (corrugated card), Simon (corrugated boxes), EMBA and die cutter and folding machines such as Gandossi and Fossati.

Feed wheels and rollers are available in a shore hardness range of 60 Shore ‘A’ to 95 Shore ‘A’, and are available in a range of colours. The costs and range of colours available may vary according to the hardness required and the polyurethane system used. Feed wheels and rollers are also available in the Vulkollan® material, which is made under licence from Bayer AG.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the list, or if you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact Alex, Gary and the Industrial Parts sales team on 01594 847150 or via e-mail sales@wattspu.co.uk. They will be happy to discuss your precise requirements and advise on the the most cost effective solution.

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