Cutting Sticks

Watts Industrial Cutting SticksPolyurethane cutting sticks are used in a number of different industries such as metal sheet, plastics, paper, cardboard, polythene and print trimming manufacturers, with a variety of uses.

One of the more common uses is blade protection when cutting other materials. The cutting stick will be located after the material to be cut, and will protect the blade from damage caused by hitting the machine surface. Polyurethane is an excellent material for this use given:

  • its ability to withstand higher loads, high resistance to cuts and tears than rubber
  • its higher impact resistance, elastic memory and resilience than plastic.

Watts Urethane Products offer polyurethane cutting sticks in a shore hardness range of 80 Shore ‘A’ to 60 Shore ‘D’ so that the stick has the correct amount of give to ensure a clean cut and minimise blade damage. They are available in a range of 8 standard colours and of dimensions. Watts are able to offer a variety of styles, including plain, chamfered, grooved, slotted and holed to ensure that the cutting stick meets your specific need.

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