Ball Valves, Seats & Seal

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAWhere machinery requires the flow of liquid to be controlled Watts offers a range of ball valves and associated seats as well as gland seals to a customer’s requirements.

We also have a standard range of ball valves, seats and seals to fit valve housings such as Willets, Pegson, Dorrco and Whitehead and Poole and other common sizes.

  • Polyurethane ball valves are used to control the flow of liquid. These can be manufactured to suit industry standards, or to meet customer specific requirements.
  • Polyurethane valve seats are used to seal against the specific ball valves. These are typically supplied in a standard 80 Shore ‘A’ hardness, but design and usage requirements can result in different levels of hardness being required.
  • Gland seals are commonly used to form a seal between reciprocating shafts. These are currently offered as standard in a 70 Shore ‘A’ hardness, other levels of hardness can be manufactured dependant on its usage.

To view the items that are currently offered as standard, please click on the Ball_Valves_Seats_and_Seals.pdf.

Polyurethane ball valves and associated components offer advantages over rubber and plastic such as overall resilience, lower temperature resistance, cheaper prototyping and lower tooling costs.

If your ball valves, seats and seals requirements are not currently listed then please do not hesitate to contact Alex or Gary and the team, either on 01594 847150 or via e-mail on to discuss your needs.

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