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Watts Materials HandlingWatts Urethane Products Ltd have designed components to enhance the necessary sorting and grading of bulk materials used in quarrying, mining, recycling and agriculture.

We understand the needs of these industries and have enhanced products to meet those needs at a reasonable cost for multiple orders from 10’s-1,000’s.

We have a range of products designed for the following industries:

Mining, Quarrying and Recycling industries

  • Recycling IndustriesPolyurethane belts
  • Sheet, Scraper blades and wear pads
  • Polyurethane Screening and grading mats
  • Polyurethane covers, tubes and rods
  • Polyurethane pulleys rollers and cable guides
  • Polyurethane Stars for screening

Agricultural IndustriesAgricultural Industries

  • Seed plantation components
  • Ground and Soil Preparation Stars
  • Harvesting wheels
  • Guides, rams and pulleys
  • Rods, tubes and nozzles
  • Suspension and shock absorbing components
  • Links, Buffers, and Seals
  • Scraper Blades

Construction Industries

  • Brick impression rollers
  • Concrete casting moulds
  • Kerb stone pressing plates
  • Anvil cushions
  • Gaskets, seals, sheets and strips
  • Protection covers and wear pads
  • Polyurethane belts and covers
  • Bomag scrapers and other scraper blades
  • Wacker plates and shoes

We also offer the Insulatus Inc range of products, which can be used in the construction industry when operating cranes near electricity cables.

  • Load Insulator – Insulating Link
  • TagLine Insulator – Non-Conductive Tag Line

Please contact Gary, Alex and the Materials Handling team on 01594 847150 or check out our products page

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