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Watts ForkliftsThe Watts urethane wheel and tyre business was built upon serving the needs of the forklift and pallet users to extend the useful life of their machines through using replacement non-marking wheels. Options have traditionally been to:

  • Re-cover the existing wheel hub once the original tread has been stripped
  • Provide a complete replacement wheel where the hub is unusable or the costs involved in recovering outweigh the potential to purchase an equivalent wheel at a lower cost.
  • Use a press-on metal band to replace the existing press-on band

Over the last 10 years the increased manufacturing capabilities of China and elsewhere have reduced the need for replacement pallet wheels, but Watts Wheel & Tyre continue to offer a great range of polyurethane products for many industrial tyre applications, including all popular fork truck manufacturers. Our products have been designed to take into consideration the specific demands for high dynamic properties coupled with good physical strength and abrasion resistance, all in a non-marking tyre.

Our forklift tyre services include:

  • Press on band tyres cast to customer need
  • Direct bond drive wheels and load wheels
  • Tyre re-covering service to recycle customers’ existing wheels

Watts Urethane use their experience of processing and knowledge of material performance to offer customers a professional service from material specification through product and tooling design to finished item. Watts Urethane prides themselves on their innovative use of both technology and technique to solving customers’ application problems.

We understand that while many forklifts undergo regular maintenance programmes where replacement of wheels can be scheduled, often the replacement of the forklift tyre is urgent and need a quick turnaround. That is why we stock a small range of replacement wheels, which can be available within 24 hours of order if made before 2pm and for these wheels where the customer provides to us a usable centre from the wheel being replaced. If the wheel centre in Watts’ opinion is unusable additional charges will apply.

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