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Historically the Watts group was built upon its wheels and tyres business, which began with the re-treading of vehicle tyres during the Second World War. This then extended into the retailing of pneumatic tyres before the Group sold off this global business in 2009. Watts Urethane Products continued to offer a range of polyurethane products for all industrial tyre applications, including all fork truck manufacturers, pallet wheels and other vehicles requiring non-marking replacement tyres.

Over the last 10 years the increased manufacturing capabilities of China and elsewhere have reduced the need for replacement pallet wheels, while the forklift OEMs have reduced the number of press-on band machines. This has led Watts Urethane to focus wheels & tyres on:

  • Vertical access market for hire fleets operated internationally, nationally and locally plus individual owner-operators
  • Forklift truck markets for the supply of replacement tyres whatever the type of wheel

Our range includes:Watts Wheels Vertical Access Stock

  • Press on band tyres
  • Direct bond drive wheels and load wheels
  • Tyre re-covering service to recycle customers’ existing wheels

For the vertical access market we hold stocks of the 14 most common wheels and also have stock of some commonly ordered forklift wheels.

Our products have been designed to take into consideration the specific demands for high dynamic properties coupled with good physical strength and abrasion resistance. Polyurethane offers distinct advantages over rubber wheels including better abrasion, ozone and cut and tear resistance to ensure the wheel lasts longer. They are available in a greater range of hardnesses with higher load bearing properties reducing when used correctly, flat-spotting. Against other plastics when used, polyurethane has higher impact resistance, lower abrasion resistance and are non-brittle.

Please contact James, Elaine and the Wheels & Tyres team on 01594 847150 for more information about the wheels and tyres we can provide suitable for your need or email sales@wattspu.co.uk.

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