Compatible Numatic Scrubber Dryer Squeegee Blades

Numatic are best known for being the manufacturer of the iconic Henry hoover. Numatic’s sole production facility is located in Chard, Somerset since 1969 and produces over 4000 Henrys every day which are distributed worldwide. The Numatic name remains synonymous with Henry, however they offer many other products which includes their MopMatic systems, floor polishing machines and a range of scrubber dryers.

Numatic scrubber dryers come in 2 major categories: the walk behind Twintec range and the Ride-On range. The Twintec range is recommended for spaces up 1000m² and includes the popular TTB 3450. The Ride-On range is recommended for spaces larger than 1000m² with machines like the TRO-650.

Watts Urethane Scrubber Dryer Blades for Numatic Machines

Watts Urethane makes in-house, aftermarket oil-resistant polyurethane squeegee blades for the Numatic range, with quality to match and more competitive pricing. We are able to supply the following equivalent products listed in the table below for Numatic scrubber dryer machines. Please note that pack prices shown are for a front and a back blade and the price is for a single unit ex delivery and VAT.

OE part number WUP Part number Machine Length (mm) Price
217286 FS-NU3450-PU-F TT/TTB 3450 790 £8.58
217287 FS-NU3450-PU-R TT/TTB 3450 790 £13.28
206977 FS-NM650-PU-F TRO-650 818 £10.80
206978 FS-NM650-PU-R TRO-650 847 £10.93
208199 FS-NM650-PUP-F TRO-650 818 £11.08
208202 FS-NM650-PUP-R TRO-650 847 £11.08

Watts have recently significantly invested in the manufacturing process for urethane scrubber dryer blades. This includes dedicated controlled areas for the production of moulded blades and the use of an advance 2D cutting table for cut blades. This results in the production of a market leading quality scrubber dryer blades and the elimination of setup charges for new products to the Watts range.

Please call Alex on 01594 847168 to discuss your needs and get a confirmed price based upon the quantity of compatible Numatic scrubber dryer blades you wish to order.

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