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Watts Squeegee profilesWatts have been manufacturing Squeegee Blades for over 35 years. It is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers for the print screen market and for UK floor cleaning scrubber machines.

Watts supplies squeegee blades under two brand names Watts and Ora.

Primarily used in the screen printing markets Watts Ora aims to deliver the edge of perfection to its clients from a dependable British company where consistency of product and reliability are most important.

The Watts brand delivers the technical edge to the screen printing and floor cleaning markets. It is with this brand that innovation happens whether that is with product development into composite and moulded blades or in enhanced materials. Rigorous testing ensures that only reliable quality assured product is delivered to clients. In the floor cleaning market not only does Watts provide a technical edge, but also provides a clear edge for its clients.

Watts work closely with our suppliers to specifically formulate Polyurethane Materials to suit specific applications. We offer four materials:


  • 7000 Series is a good all round product, most suitable for textile printing
  • 2000 Series offers high all round performance at a competitive price.
  • 8000 Series offers very high solvent and chemical resistance.
  • 5000 Series offers very high abrasion resistance.

These meet our clients’ requirements for:

  • Very high solvent resistance
  • Very high UV resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Colour stable

Watts has significant production capabilities for squeegee blades. Depending on client requirements they can be made from centrifugal casting, hot table casting, stamped or moulded in a clean room. Product can be delivered from stock or made to order.

Watts screen squeegee are designed to perform well in the following screen printing applications: Bottle, Ceramic, CD/DVD, Decal, Electronic / PCB, Glass, Graphic, Textile, Industrial, Solar / PV. For floor cleaning, Watts can supply blades for the major brands of floor-cleaning machines in the UK. For both screen printing squeegee and machine floor cleaning squeegee Watts meets the need for a defined edge, resistance to liquids, compliance to design and longevity of use.

Contact Will, Owen, Alex and the Squeegee Team on 01594 847 150 for more information or read the product pages for print squeegee or floor squeegee

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