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Our market is growing from just providing bollards to the whole range of street furniture as Watts focus on protecting people and budgets. For Councils, Municipal and Highways Departments and their Contractors, it is essential to have a product that enhances safety at a sensible price with a first class design to minimise maintenance and costs. All of our ranges are designed specifically with these in mind for

  • Bollardsbollards for municipal and highways departments
  • Cycle racks
  • Post and rail

We supply local authorities, contractors and distributors all over the UK and have satisfied customers all over the world for products including:

  • Heritage range of traditional bollards. These are manufactured by casting our engineering grade polyurethane around a steel core to match existing bollard designs
  • Streetwise range. This is a high security bollard, cast in our unique Terrathane® polyurethane which is virtually indestructible and requires no maintenance.
  • Impact-flex range of unique flexible bollards. These are designed for low energy impact and to prevent damage to the bollard and its footings.
  • Cycle hoops which are manufactured from the same material that we use in our bollards. As a result they offer unsurpassed protection and security for bikes whilst requiring low-zero maintenance. They will never scratch a bike that is parked against it which is an additional benefit for bike riders!
  • Post and Rail systems. These are also available in both our Heritage and Terrathane® materials.

Please contact Andrew and the Street Furniture Team for your municipal and highways needs on 01594  847150

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