Watts Urethane Products has many years’ experience in manufacturing polyurethane products for a wide range of markets. Our mission is to combine technological knowledge with PU practical know-how to deliver products fit for multiple market sectors through understanding those markets’ needs. Our primary focus is on the markets of

  • print and floor squeegee to delivered defined technical edges;
  • municipal and highways for robust low maintenance street furniture;
  • vertical access and forklift equipment for value for money environmentally friendly wheels and tyres;
  • industrial machinery products to increase reliable uptime;
  • versatile bulk materials handling components to enable efficient sorting and grading; and
  • technical design service responsive to all bespoke enquiries.

To find out more please click on the images below for the industry clusters:

Industrial Machinery             Materials Handling                                Industrial Components         Vertical Access

Forklifts                                  Screen Printing                     Floor Cleaning                      Councils & Highways

Transport                               Utilities                                   Bespoke Solutions                                Wheel & Tyres

Squeegee                               Industrial parts                      Technical Solutions              Street Furniture

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