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Watts Industrial Parts (1)Watts Urethane Products Ltd has supplied industry standard and custom polyurethane components for the industrial machinery industries for over 30 years using engineering grade cast-able polyurethane materials.

In collaboration with our customers, we develop new and better solutions through part design and our knowledge of polyurethane chemistry, which means we can tailor suit polyurethane mouldings to your specific requirements.

Our aim is to enable Industrial Parts customers to benefit from higher product performance, lower down-times, reduced costs and hence improved productivity. This is achieved in part through the intrinsic properties of polyurethane coupled with our design and manufacturing experience. Polyurethane has higher abrasion and tear resistance with lower flex fatigue while it has high compressive and tensile strengths combined as necessary with high chemical resistance and typically weight saving.

Who we serve for Industrial Parts

Through working with industry, we understand the importance of reliable uptime of production equipment which has been designed to meet the demands of each industry sector. Watts splits its markets into 3 sectors of Industrial Machinery, Material Handling and Industrial Components.

Industrial machinery end-users include:

  • Paper and Board Industries for products including polyurethane washers, bosses and suckers; creasers; anvil covers including split anvils; soft touch and non-crush wheels; shock absorbers, strippers and springs; blocks; rods, strips, blocks and cutting sticks; feed wheels and rollers and squeegee blades
  • Metal Working Industries for polyurethane film, strip and sheet; acuforms, bending pads and blocks; strippers; springs and wear pads; rods, tubes and protective covers
  • Ceramic and Iso-pressing Industries for polyurethane isobags of all shapes and sizes

Materials handling comprises:

  • Mining, Quarrying and Recycling industries for polyurethane belts; sheet, scraper blades and wear pads; screening and grading mats; covers, tubes and rods; pulleys rollers and cable guides; star wheels
  • Agricultural Industries for seed plantation components; ground and soil preparation stars; harvesting wheels; guides, rams and pulleys; rods, tubes and nozzles; suspension and shock absorbing components; links, buffers, and seals and; scraper blades
  • Construction Industries for brick impression rollers; concrete casting moulds; kerb stone pressing plates; anvil cushions; gaskets, seals, sheets and strips; protection covers and wear pads; belts and covers; scraper blades; and wacker plates and shoes

Industrial components or machine parts for general manufacturing industry

Products include polyurethane rollers, wheels and pulleys; buffers pads and bump stops; springs and shock absorbers; scraper blades; wear plates; milling & grinding vessels and canister lining; sheet, blocks, rods, tubes and custom mouldings; cutting sticks.

Watts holds some stocks of some standard components for delivery subject to order size. Alternatively we are able to quote firm delivery times for non-standard or custom product. Please contact Alex, Gary and the Industrial Parts team on 01594 847150 or for more information on the products we supply in standard ranges then please review our product selection

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