Industrial Components

From Watts Urethane Products range of industrial components we can meet the need for machinery parts that move, mould and spray, cut or require sheet solutions using engineering grade cast-able polyurethane materials. If your needs match our range of components you can attain greater performance in:

• Dynamic propertiesIndustrial components (1)
• Abrasion resistance
• Cut / tear resistance, and flex fatigue
• Compressive and tensile strength
• Oil, Hydrolytic and chemical resistance
• Weight saving
• Product design
• Cost saving

These improvements can offer you:

• Higher product performance compared to other manufacturers
• Lower down-times of your machinery
• Improved productivity from using a higher quality product
• Reduced costs

Standard components currently include the following. Depending on order size, these could be shipped within 48 hours if ordered before noon.

• Polyurethane washers, bosses and suckers including bobst
• Polyurethane creasers including pre, midline, Emba and Dovey creasers
• Anvil covers including Bizzozero Fury split anvils
• Marquip, Langstone, Martin and custom soft touch and non-crush wheels
• Shock absorbers, strippers and springs
• Folding arm blocks, pulleys and wedges
• Polyurethane rods, strips, blocks and cutting sticks
• Ball valves, valve seats and seals

If what you want is not among this list of industrial components or you would like to discuss the above products please contact Gary on 01594 847150 or check out our product pages

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