About Watts Urethane Products

Watts Urethane Products is a subsidiary of the Watts Group and has been manufacturing thousands of different polyurethane products in the same UK facility for almost 50 years. Located in Lydney, Gloucestershire, we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polyurethane products.

We are proud of our heritage and our commitment to ethical working practices including supporting the local community. We supply polyurethane products to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organisations to small owner-manager companies.

Watts Urethane Products produces moulded components from a range of castable Polyurethane blends chosen for the environment in which they will be used. The common ones we offer are TDI Ether (PPG and PTMEG), TDI Ester, NDI Ester (Vulkollan), MDI Ester, and MDI Poly-capralactone.

These materials are manufactured in various hardness’ ranging from a 40 Shore A (soft eraser), up to a 72 Shore D (the same as nylon). All materials are stored, prepared and processed as per our supplier’s recommendations and cast through sophisticated, computer-controlled, dispensing equipment, which ensures the end component has the maximum properties to suit our customers’ requirements.

Contact Us

  Tel: +44(0)1594 847150

  Email: sales@wattspu.co.uk

Our business is organised into five sectors, which serve many different industries and markets:


Watts Urethane Products manufactures industry standard and bespoke parts to customer’s specification. We increase the reliable uptime of machinery in the following industries:

• Paper and board, metal-working, ceramics and general manufacturing through the delivery of a range of industrial machinery components specifically designed to meet the needs of these industries at sensible price points
• Quarrying, mining, recycling and agriculture, where there are needs to sort, grade and handle bulk materials and products efficiently with components designed for challenging environments and require multiple repeat orders of the same design.
• Manufacturing industry which can use our component ranges for machinery parts that move, mould, spray, cut or require sheet within 48 hours of order.

Watts have been manufacturing Squeegee Blades for over 35 years and are one of the world’s leading manufacturers. We sell Squeegee Blades into over 75 Countries and export 90% of our production through two brands, Watts and Ora.

Our clients are drawn from the manufacturers who screen print textiles, electrical circuits, electronics, glass and ceramics, CD and DVDs and solar panels; and industrial and retail floor cleaners using push along and drive-on machine scrubbers. For each specific use we formulate the best polyurethane to minimise moisture ingress and maximise the working life of the precision cut or moulded edge.


Watts Urethane have been manufacturing industrial polyurethane tyres for over 45 years. In this area we now focus on the key markets of vertical access equipment and fork-lifts where clients are looking to replace tyres as part of a maintenance or repair programme. Our range includes press on band tyres, direct bond drive and load wheels, as well as offering a tyre design and re-covering service to suit customer’s individual requirement.

With managers of equipment fleets, we create partnerships to ensure that the wheels and tyres needed are on hand when that need arises at a lower cost than buying in on an ad hoc basis. For wheels in our stock we are able to despatch within 48 hours of our receipt of valid order. For all other wheels we will quote and deliver on the agreed date.

Now established for over 10 years, Watts Street Furniture is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of cast polyurethane bollards. Watts Street Furniture manufacture and supply 3 ranges of bollards, post and rail systems and cycle racks from traditional style bollards to our unique Impact flex range of flexible bollards.

Working closely with Highways Departments of Councils and with other large property development customers as well as smaller customers, our focus is on protecting people from vehicles and reducing the budgetary costs of maintenance and installation.

Technical Solutions is our newly formed department to respond effectively to our clients in the transport and utilities sectors where the harsh environment or specific quality assurance regulations are paramount in the design of solutions fit for say marine or automotive or aerospace applications. The approach here is one of partnership with our clients to combine technological knowledge, PU know-how and the ability to test and develop prototypes. We are always happy to be asked the questions can this be made out of polyurethane and if it can, does it make sense to do so at a sensible cost.

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